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“I’m writing to tell you about my experience in purchasing our new home in Denton from Allyson Coe. Kathy and I were very grateful to have her help during our relocation. Allyson listened to what we were looking for and showed us exatly those homes. When we changed our minds about location from Argyle to Denton after looking at seven or eight houses, she promptly changed directions with us. I was impressed to find out that Allyson was very familiar with both areas. Allyson showed us what we wanted to see, not just what she wanted to sell. We’ve run in to pushy real estate agents in the past, and Allyson was a breath of fresh air. As we negotiated the contract with the Sellers, Allyson was able to add real value, not just act as a go between. Her experience was obvious; Allyson had real insight as to how to make the contract work. We closed on time with few complications. In summary, I can say I’m 100% satisfied.”